The All-Circo Team

James M. Houlihan
Senior Advisor

Jim Houlihan founded All-Circo in 1980 and was co-owner and president until divesting his interest in the firm to become Cook County Assessor in 1998. While serving as assessor for 13 years, Jim earned praise for developing an accurate and effective office while providing much-needed clarity to the assessment process.  In addition, he worked tirelessly towards both short-term and long-term property tax reform.  He was responsible for the development and implementation of reducing local property taxes via the 7% homeowner exemption as well as expanding the office’s internet capabilities and streamlining the homeowner exemption application process. 

Jim Houlihan has forged solid working relationships across all levels of government during his more than 40 years of public service, advocacy and consulting.  Prior to founding All-Circo, Houlihan served as an aide to Chicago Mayor Harold Washington and represented a district on Chicago’s north lakefront in the Illinois House of Representatives from 1972-1978.

Jim is a graduate of St. Mary of the Lake Seminary (Mundelein, IL) with a B.A. in Philosophy (1965) and an S.T.B. in Theology (1967).  He currently resides in Chicago with his wife, Ann Tighe.